Galeri Seri Endon
Opening Hours
10.00am to 7.00pm daily
(closed on public holidays)

Cutting Edge Products

Galeri Seri Endon offers batik products handcrafted by the winners of the Piala Seri Endon – the most prestigious batik design competition in Malaysia. Its ready-to-wear items of clothing, exquisite batik pieces and matching accessories have the potential to satisfy all customers – ladies and men alike.


What Is Batik

Batik is created using the wax resist method of decorating fabric. Other resist substances, such as rice and more recently soy, have been used with success, but in Malaysia the preferred resist substance is wax. Wax can be applied by drawing (batik tulis created using the 'tjanting') or by using a hand block. Batik tulis allows for greater freedom of artistic expression and has been the form that most batik makers in Malaysia seem to favour.